Coca-Cola Foundation Philippine

Davao Agos Pump Project

July 24-26, 2013


I was hired again by the Coca-Cola Foundation along side with my good friend/classmate/co-photographer, Inna Cristobal to document their project in the province of Davao. It was a dream project, getting paid to take photographs and I get to chance to travel at the same time. It was a fun project, hiking up to the mountains, getting to know local people and cuisine. It was also my first time to see a ethnic ritual prayer held by a "Datu" or Chieftain of the tribe.


We documented the people who benefited from the foundation projects which is bringing clean & potable water from the low lands to the higher parts of the lands that is why it's called "Agos" in Filipino or "flowing water" in english. It was also surprising that they are so warm and hospitable to visitors most especially people from the city.





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Producing in Calgary, Canada

Made in Philippines